How To Tell Your Partner You Have STD

Some people avoid relationships because of having fear to tell a partner and then being rejected.

It is up to you to inform others of your condition. But when dating someone you are to detect the right moment for telling your potential about your disease. It can be very hard because when you really like someone this fear of rejection is multiplied by the fear of losing this person.

The good thing about this is that after you disclose you will know for sure your partner’s attitude as for your state and you, however difficult it may be, will be able to move on.
Some people consider it’s a betrayal when they were told about it after having sex. So be honest and tell your potential partner before you become sexually active.

There are some tips to help you go through the ordeal.

Get prepared for the conversation. Remember that the purpose of the conversation is to disclose your state, though moving on is the end goal. Educate yourself if you do not know enough about the disease. Involve your partner into the conversation. Encourage him/her to ask questions. Think over the questions your partner may ask you.
For example: How did you get std? What are the ways of its transmission? Is it curable? etc.

How to begin. Use opening phrases like these: “I have something I’d like to discuss with you that I think you need to know”, “I’d like to have a talk about my health state and I really need to know how you feel about it”.
Before talking to your partner, practice it with someone you trust or practice speaking in front of a mirror.

Prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Be calm and confident. You still have a future! Millions of people who have STDs are happy, have relationships, married, have children and enjoy life. Be one of them because everything is in your hands.

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